Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Video Monday - Static-X StingWray

Welcome to Music Video Monday! On Monday I showcase a different music video that is in someway memorable to me. Each video will have a different reason, and I will try to explain each.

This weeks video is, Stingwray by Static-X. This video was released early spring of 2009. This video serves as a reminder of a couple of memories for me, I was able to meet Wayne Static and Tony Campos at Hottopic in San Bernardino on St. Patrick's Day, and that same year I was able to see Static-X perform live at the Anaheim House of Blues (great venue btw!)

For my wife and I, we differ when it comes to certain types of music. I try to find the happy mediums, so we can both be happy. As for Static-X, she likes them as well! The concert was a fun time. She even survived the pit during Bury Your Dead's set :-) She was able to take pics and videos for me from the upstairs balcony, while I moshed with the crazy crowd downstairs. Out of all the songs they performed that night, she liked this one the best.

I hope you enjoy this part of my blog. I like perusing Youtube, and figured why not just post some of my faves with everyone....

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