Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Video Monday - OMC's How Bizarre

Welcome back to Video Music Monday. I am once again blogging from my android phone :-) I've downloaded a different app, so lets see how this works.

As for this weeks video, I have posted a favorite song of mine. To be the honest, the video is nothing great, its the song that I love. It seems as if everyone has heard the song before, but no one knew who sang it.

I know this song has a little different style from what I normally post about, but it is very much of what makes my broad taste of music. I like a lot of different types, but usually the really different is what appeals to me. 

How Bizarre has a laid back tone, and easy to sing along with lyrics. It always puts me in a good mood. My cousins laugh every time they hear it. It reminds the three of us, of the summer the song came out. I made sure to tune the TV to MTV when I knew it would be on.(yes MTV played songs on a repeat that could be clocked)

 I hope you like this weeks video. Sorry it posted so late in the day. My computer tweaked out this morning, and I couldn't get on to publish with the video embedded.Please check back to the Music Happenings often, you may get a random surprise here and there. Thank you for reading and please pass this blog along to your friends :-)
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