Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Video Monday - Rob Zombie's Dragula

Welcome to the newest feature of the blog... Music Video Mondays. On Mondays, I will showcase a different music video. From all genres of music. Generally posting my favorite from the past, and maybe some new ones as they come along....

This weeks entry comes from one of my favorite performers. Rob Zombie (formerly of White Zombie) put out Hellbilly Deluxe in 1998. The first single, Dragula, set his place in the Metal Industrial scene! The song, on it's own, is a great song. The video added to the mystery and spookiness that is Rob Zombie. 

For those of you who have not seen Zombie perform live, imagine the Dragula music video coming to life! His stage shows are very elaborate and and very detailed. Giant robots (set from the 1950's) come out and dance on stage, and even perform a drum line. 

Rob's antics seem to touch a chord inside me. I love the zombie, horror, bloody, disgusting genres! His music and shows always interest me. 

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Video Monday - Imperative Reaction Video Revealed!

Welcome to the newest feature of the blog... Music Video Mondays. On Mondays, I will showcase a different music video. From all genres of music. Generally posting my favorite from the past, and maybe some new ones as they come along....

Well the wait is finally over...Imperative Reaction has unveiled their first music video! Surface is the first single from their yet to be released self titled album. The band got together with Chad Michael Ward and shot the video in Los Angeles, this past March.

To View the video, you must "Like" the Band's Facebook page. There you can watch the video, and play a selection of other songs and remixes by the band.

I love the simplicity of the video, yet not homemade looking.... (if that makes sense)

I recommend all non industrial fans to check out this video...The beats are catchy, the synth lines move you, and the bands energy can be felt through the music. This band comes together well. I personally can not wait till I can see this band live!

Friday, June 10, 2011

New God Module Single "Rituals"

Dark, harsh, industrial act, God Module will be releasing a new Album "Séance" in September. From that new album, the first single "Rituals" is scheduled to be released on August 9th, 2011 on Metropolis Records. 

Under tight lip, fans have been anxiously awaiting the album and the new single. "Rituals" should start formally leaking onto the web on the bands Facebook page this weekend! 

Rituals will be released with 7 different remixes done by variousnotable industrial fan favorites, ie; iVardensphere and Mordacious.
I have personally seen God Module in concert, and they performed well. The eerie, spooky, and rigid, industrial beats and synth sounds work well, and build an eerie stage presence. ( I was even lucky enough to catch Jasyn Bangert's head garment when he threw it into the audience) God module has produced some of the best club stomping tracks, making them fan faves around the world!

Upcoming this year, God Module will perform on the 2011 Gothic Cruise along side System Syn, and Imperative Reaction.
Meeting Clint Carney! May 2011

God Module is:  ------> Online ------>FB page

Jasyn Bangert FB page

Courtney Bangert FB page

Clint Carney FB page

My pictures from the Making Monsters Tour part 1 Nov. 2010 ---> Photos

and always, please feel free to check out my YouTube channel  ---YouTube

Imperative Reaction - New Single "Surface"

The long wait is finally over... Imperative Reaction have finished their new album! Since 2008, the band has played a some shows, but mostly has spent the past year, rebirthing the band. Self titled, here is what Ted Phelps had to say about the new album...

"I decided that this album would be a new beginning for Imperative Reaction,” says Ted Phelps of the band’s upcoming self-titled release. Showcasing an evolved sound that combines the band’s explosive live show with the precise, electronic anthems Imperative Reaction has built its name on; Imperative Reaction is both as much a summation as it is a huge step forward for a band never content to rest on past successes. In Phelps' words: “It is our defining album.”
quoted from Metropolis Records

Jasyn Bangert(of God Module) said this about the album on his FB page the other day....
Goddamn!! This new Imperative Reaction CD is really gooooooood!! Don't worry you guys will be able to hear it in a couple months muhahahahaha>:)
quoted from FB page

Their first video, Surface, will be unveiled Monday, June 13th. Like their Facebook page to view the Chad Michael Ward production. Surface will be available to buy on July 112th.

Fans are not only awaiting the arrival of the new CD, but the touring that may come along with it. So far, Imperative Reaction have confirmed a slot on the 2011 Gothic Cruise. Along side other industrial acts as System Syn and God Module, they plan to put on a great show. I have heard great reviews of their live performance, and hope to be able to attend a local show in the near future.

Imperative Reaction is:

Ted Phelps (vocals/songs) FB page
Clint Carney (keys)  FB page
Trevor Friedrich (drums)  FB page
Adam Vex (guitar)  FB page

Imperative Reaction on Twitter -----> @imperativereact
on FB -----> FB page

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

System of A Down Reunite @ Verizon Wireless in Irvine

System of A Down added a show due to fans demands. After performing to a sold out LA Forum crowd, they have decided to perform at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine on May 25th, 2011. I was not planning to attend this show, since I had just attended the Rammstein show less than a week prior, but my wife was able to purchase a ticket from her cousins (my anniversary gift) so that I could go! I was in shock. I had not been to a System show since Ozzfest 2002. 

Gogol Bordello opened the show for System. This is a lively, multi piece band. They utilize a lot of different instruments to make their unique sound. I had never heard of them before, but will definitely be looking into them more. If i had to give a similarity, I would say the Gypsy version of Flogging Molly....The band used the crowd to get their music going. It was a fitting opening act for System, filling the seats of the amphitheater before their set ended.

The stage crew hung a huge white tarp over the stage, and the name, System of A Down, was projected onto the stage front cloth. The crowd anxiously awaited to start of the guitar playing...The sound of Serj's distinct singing and rambling of political messages...The fast crowd pumping guitar riffs....And then it began. Prison Song started their 2 hour set of fast paced music. The crowd knew every word. Jumping and singing right along with Serj. 
System performed for 2 hours that night. Playing 30 of their best hits. They involved the crowd during songs, getting them to jump, clap, and sing along with the band. There were no breaks, no false endings, just 2 hours of pure music rampage. System filled every minute possible with as much music as they could. Ending with Sugar, System's first hit single, it was a bitter sweet ending to the show. They thanked the crowd for returning to see them, and vowed to make a return in the near future. 

System has more summer tour dates in Europe and South America. No set plans have been made yet to a full US tour or new album release.