Friday, June 10, 2011

Imperative Reaction - New Single "Surface"

The long wait is finally over... Imperative Reaction have finished their new album! Since 2008, the band has played a some shows, but mostly has spent the past year, rebirthing the band. Self titled, here is what Ted Phelps had to say about the new album...

"I decided that this album would be a new beginning for Imperative Reaction,” says Ted Phelps of the band’s upcoming self-titled release. Showcasing an evolved sound that combines the band’s explosive live show with the precise, electronic anthems Imperative Reaction has built its name on; Imperative Reaction is both as much a summation as it is a huge step forward for a band never content to rest on past successes. In Phelps' words: “It is our defining album.”
quoted from Metropolis Records

Jasyn Bangert(of God Module) said this about the album on his FB page the other day....
Goddamn!! This new Imperative Reaction CD is really gooooooood!! Don't worry you guys will be able to hear it in a couple months muhahahahaha>:)
quoted from FB page

Their first video, Surface, will be unveiled Monday, June 13th. Like their Facebook page to view the Chad Michael Ward production. Surface will be available to buy on July 112th.

Fans are not only awaiting the arrival of the new CD, but the touring that may come along with it. So far, Imperative Reaction have confirmed a slot on the 2011 Gothic Cruise. Along side other industrial acts as System Syn and God Module, they plan to put on a great show. I have heard great reviews of their live performance, and hope to be able to attend a local show in the near future.

Imperative Reaction is:

Ted Phelps (vocals/songs) FB page
Clint Carney (keys)  FB page
Trevor Friedrich (drums)  FB page
Adam Vex (guitar)  FB page

Imperative Reaction on Twitter -----> @imperativereact
on FB -----> FB page

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