Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music Video Monday - Happy Halloween!

Ok Ok Ok... Sorry I have not been posting regularly. Work has been busy, and without being home, the extra time I used to have  is spent sleeping lol. 

Well let us get back to the topic at hand here. Today is Halloween. The greatest day of the year! I went searching for my favorite Halloween song, and couldn't pick just one. So here are a few of my ALL TIME FAVES:

Sorry, I know the song is looooong, but it always puts me into a Halloween mood. It was even featured on an episode of Home Improvement. the episode was a Halloween episode as well.

This song was pretty much the theme to our wedding. Jenny and I love this song. Yes, we do listen to this song year round, so don't judge us! LoL

When most Metal Heads of think Halloween, the first guy that comes to mind is usually Alice cooper. When I was in Jr high, I purchased Elvira's Monster Hits CD. This was the second track on the cd. I have loved it ever since. 

Psyclon Nine will always remind me of my very first trip to Knott's Halloween Haunt. Their "Underground" maze played industrial songs the whole way through. I know this song wasn't meant to be Halloween sounding, but it sure does feel Halloween to me. 

This is one of my favorite Horror Punk songs. "Dead In Hollywood" by the Murderdolls. My son, Eli, loves this song. He likes how it starts off by talking about Frankenstein. Eli says, "Frankenstein....? Like halloween??"

I'm sure everyone who knows my family and I was waiting for a Nightmare Before Christmas song... Well here it is. Now I couldn't just go and post a video from the movie that everyone had seen, so here is "This is Halloween" covered by Marilyn Manson. 

This last song is "Rituals" by God Module. They represent the horror industrial genre. This is a club version of Haunted house music. Dark, spooky, and yet upbeat to move to! 

I know there are a lot, but I do have a lot of halloween style songs that are my favorites.  Even though I do listen to these songs year round, it always does remind me of my favorite time of the year... HALLOWEEN :-)


  1. My favourite is Marylin Manson's song "This is Halloween",it sounds really cool