Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Video Monday - Metallica's So What

Welcome to Music Video Monday. It is a new week, so lets see if we can kick things off the right way...

What better way to start a week, a day, a workout, anything really, than with METALLICA. Unless your listening to St. Anger, then they can really motivate you to do anything. Their music seems to flow with energy.

This weeks video was requested by my wife. Jenny loves this song by Metallica. She isn't their biggest fan, but she does like them. Jenny has a particularly favorite line from the song... Lets see who can guess her favorite line!

Sometime in the future I will post my favorite Metallica songs. I once considered them to be my favorite band, even with the whole napster hoopla that was pulled. I don't consider myself to have 1 favorite band, I like too many, and can listen to anyone of them, just depending on my mood. Metallica is my favorite thrash metal band though. They really saved themselves after St. Anger with Death Magnetic. 

To guess at Jenny's (@elvisandtrent) favorite line from the song, you can leave a comment, send me a tweet (@ChevyBurnz) or email me ( I will post the answer and the correct guessers to the blog.

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