Sunday, August 14, 2011

Music Video Monday - George Thorogood's Get a Haircut

Welcome back to Music Video Monday. Sorry I missed last weeks post, but I was preparing for job interviews on Monday and Tuesday. I am happy to announce that, I was given a job offer at Riverside Metro Auto Group's Hyundai/Mazda Service Department. I should be starting Tuesday.

Going with the excitement of my new job, I am giving you this weeks Music video. Now, I wasn't out of line, like the guy in the video, but it still works lol. My dad used to sing this song to me all the time. It usually came on, while we were driving home from work/school.

I have enjoyed my time off, spending a lot of time with my family, but this is no kind of life. I am excited to get things back on track for us. I am also looking forward to having spending money, and not just money to live off of. My family has made a lot of sacrifices in these past months, but I am looking to make up for all of them.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks video. It holds a little special memory for me, it will always remind me of my father. He said it jokingly, but I will stick to what he said.

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