Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rammstein @ the Forum

The tour in which I had waited for almost 10 years, had finally arrived. Holding my tickets for a couple of months, did not help with the anticipation. Jenny had been listening to me talk her ear off about what I remembered of their short set at the Pledge of Allegiance Tour back in 2001. Adding to the anticipation of this show, was the fact that Combichrist would be opening for Rammstein. 

This show marked my third Combichrist performance to date. I heard that they were a great opening act for Rammstein, setting a perfect stage. Combichrist did not disappoint. Their set got the crowd pumped and ready for Rammstein to take the stage. 
Combichrist not only is opening for Rammstein, but are touring along side the tour route with their own headlining tour. I was unable to make the previous nights show in Santa Ana, but heard it went well, selling out the Galaxy Theatre. For this set of tours, Abbey Nex, formerly of Pysclon Nine, is joining Combichrist as guitarist. In the previous shows I had attended, Wes Borland had joined Combichrist, so adding a guitarist was not a new concept for me. I was however surprised as to how well Abbey Nex adapted his guitar skills to the music. He was not drowned out by Z-mar's devilish synth lines, or over powering Joe and Trevor's heavy drum beating. He fit in well with the band. If ever to have a fan vote as to whether or not to add Abbey as a permanent member of the band, I will fully support!

Combichrist filled their 35 minute set with a variation of new and old songs. The Crowd, many of which did not know of Combichrist, took to them very well. Their set ended with Combichrist performing Blut Royale with Richard and Paul (guitarists) from Rammstein. My friend Justin, who had never seen them live before, texted me after their set with, "Dude those guys were BAD ASS."

The time had come, I knew Rammstein was set to go on stage at 9pm. The Stage went dark, and out came the greatest Industrial Metal band ever! (well in my opinion at least) Rammstein fresh off receiving the Revolver Golden God award for best live performance, set out to burn down the Forum. Rammstein opened with Rammlied, a subtle starting song, with a heavy riff chorus, that enthralled the seemingly sold out crowd. Not knowing what each song would en-tail, the crowd watched in amazement. Every song performed by Rammstein included an over the top story and pyrotechnic showcase. Everything from: flame throwers, huge explosions, fights with band members, crazed fans set on fire (literally) to exploding baby dolls with laser beams attached to their heads were used in the show. 
Rammstein's stage set was very tall and elaborate. Lights were used at the top as well as from underneath the bands feet. Spot lights would come down from the top, strobing and moving within each song. The stage back drop changed 3 times during their set. When the opening back drop fell, it revealed an elaborate industrial feeling stage. Rammstein chooses to utilize almost all of the human senses during their performances. So much is visually going on, and in sync with the the heart pounding sounds of Rammstein, make for an awesome show! 

I knew the show wouldn't last forever, but I wish it could... Not knowing if and when Rammstein would tour the United States again, I tried to capture as much as possible in pictures, videos, and my memory. I am still in awe from the show. I have been to a lot of shows and this definitely has topped them all. I would think that not even being a fan of their music, one could enjoy their show. I don't think this is a show that I could ever get tired of watching! From the videos I have seen, they do change things up, so I am curious as to how they would out do themselves next. 


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